Impala Medico is a UK licensed employment business that specialises in sourcing from overseas Carers, Qualified Nurses, Hospital Scientists and Doctors for the UK Health and Social Care Sector.

We offer a seamless service to both candidates and employers alike.

Our services allow the UK healthcare sector to easily fill their vacancies with high-quality healthcare staff from across the globe.

Most of these roles are already on the UK shortage occupation list and therefore there is no need to advertise vacancies, allowing you to fill roles effectively and in a timely manner through our seamless and time saving service.

Good English Skills
All candidates speak very good English as evidenced by international test certificates.
Competent Candidates
Working in their home countries already, ensuring competence and relevant skills.
Superior Experience
All applicants have a minimum of 3 years’ experience and references.
Fast Turnaround
We can have staff working for you within 8 to 10 weeks of selection with 5-year visas.
Fill your vacancies now. Select the right candidates for yourselves, let us handle the rest and then 8-10 weeks
later you will have the highly qualified employees you want and need.
With up to 5-year visas, retain staff for longer.