How It Works

This is a great opportunity for employers. We offer a seamless service from selection to arrival. From your perspective as an employer, you will need to be registered with Home Office and obtain a Sponsors Licence to allow you to issue a certificate of sponsorship to each candidate. If you do not already have this arranged, we can easily organise this for you. Learn More about getting a Sponsors Licence here.

Our Commitment

  • Supply suitable candidates’ CVs for your perusal
  • We will supply candidates who have all required DBS and Qualification Certification.
  • Arrange all suitable paperwork and visas to legally work in the UK.
  • Visas are arranged for 2-5 years dependent on your requirements
  • Organise flights and airport pick-up.
  • Candidates arrive at your workplace - ready to begin within 8 to 10 weeks after selection and submission of the visa application. We will arrange the initial commuting.
  • We can also provide temporary staffing while this recruitment process is ongoing – please ask for further details.

Your Commitment

  • Register and apply to Home Office for a Sponsors Licence (CoS).
  • Sign Impala Medico’s Terms and Conditions and Health and Safety forms.
  • Issue each candidate with a job offer and a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS).
  • If possible, provide accommodation for the first 3-6 months minimum of arrival. The candidates will pay the rent if not included in job spec. (This is not compulsory)
  • Provide a safe and welcoming working environment.
  • Guarantee a minimum of 39 hours per week at £10.10 for Carers. This is the minimum level for these roles as per the Home Office. They can be contracted for up to a maximum of 48 hours per week and are permitted to do overtime/additional work as well.



  • The business must be eligible.
  • The job on offer must be suitable for sponsorship.
  • The business must choose the type of license depending on what type of worker they want to sponsor.
  • The business must have a Sponsorship Manager.
  • The application must be done online, and appropriate home office fee paid.
  • Most home office applications for CoS are dealt with in about 8 weeks.
  • UKVI staff may meanwhile need to visit your business premises.
  • At an extra fee, Home office can decide within 10 working days.
  • The business can sponsor any overseas worker they wish to employ if they are not a ‘settled worker’ or do not otherwise have the appropriate immigration permission to work for you in the UK. This can cover individuals who are currently in the UK and on a Student Visa who wants to work full-time or Individuals who are outside of the UK with no right to stay or work in the UK.
  • Working with our OISC registered partners we can arrange everything required for your Sponsors Licence with the Home Office at a small fee.


To obtain a Visa for the UK each candidate must have a valid Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) for the job issued by the employer. The certificate details the candidate's name, job and salary (these are digital certificates issued via the Home Office Sponsors Portal).

Access will be granted to an employer when they have successfully obtained their Sponsors Licence. Each CoS cost £199 to issue. There is also an Immigration Skills Charge levied for each year the candidate's visa is issued. This is currently £364 per person, per year.


Fill your vacancies with dedicated, reliable care staff today. Select the right candidate for you, let us handle the rest and then 8 to 10 weeks later you will have the highly qualified employees you want and need. With up to 5-year visas, retain staff for longer than ever before.